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More crap (shilling for Muslims) from public funded state media.

Markko Juntunen is the same Islamophile who sat on the stage with (then) OIC sec-gen Ihsanoglu, and said nothing when the latter stated that no Muslim could ever be considered as being anti-Semitic to a question/statement I posed. I guess he considered my question to be ”islamofauxbic”. (Juntunen seated in the middle)

Researchers: Perceived injustices make Muslims vulnerable for radicalization

Researchers who have studied terrorism and Islam, Marko Juntunen from the University of Tampere, and Karin Creutz, the University of Helsinki, are concerned about how the public debate after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen have labelled Muslims and belittled the wrath and threats of violence Muslims face. The researchers said the confrontation is likely to increase support for extremist organizations.

[TT: So exposing Islam for what it is, a 7th century belief system of a desert war lord who violently murdered, enslaved and looted the possessions of other societies that fell under his sword, and prepared the way for future acts of violence by encoding it into law, and providing it with a manifest destiny for future generations of followers, exposing that, earns you the title of belonging to an ”extremist organization”.]

Yle was submitted a position paper by Marko Juntunen and Karin Creutz to hold a public debate on the key problem in the assumption that within every Muslim there’s a smoldering religious potential for violence. According to the studies quoted by Juntunen and Creutz suggest that the Muslim religion does not lead to extremism, and closely engaged religious Muslims are not prone to acts of terrorism or accept violence.

– PEW Institute’s wide survey for 2008 shows that almost 90 per cent of the participants of Muslims in France, Germany and the United Kingdom considers that the violence against civilians can not be justified under any circumstances. Religious Muslims were even more inclined to condemn the violence as secular Muslims, tell Juntunen and Creutz.

[TT: This is a typical ‘straw-man’ argument used by Islamophiles pushing the Islam is a religion of peace like any other belief system. No one is saying that all Muslims are prone to violence, we have no problems with Muslims who reject key aspects of their faith/ideology mandate, it is only those who insist on instituting the public form of sharia that we have a problem with. Those Muslims take seriously the basic fundamentals of their belief system, Islam 101.

According to Dr.Andrew Bostom: Despite a number of (deliberately?) mitigating biases, both methodological and interpretative, the latest Pew Research Forum report, “The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society,” released April 30, 2013, confirms the broad appeal of the totalitarian Sharia, Islam’s religio-political “law,” across Islamdom.

The data were pooled from surveys conducted between 2008 and 2012, representing, as touted by Pew, “a total of 39 countries and territories on three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe.” Collectively, the surveys included “more than 38,000 face-to-face interviews in 80-plus languages and dialects, covering every country that has more than 10 million Muslims.” Pew did acknowledge this important caveat about Muslim populations not surveyed because, “political sensitivities or security concerns prevented opinion research among Muslims.” Notably excluded countries were Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, and Iran — all Islamic states, governed by the Sharia, Saudi Arabia and the Sudan under Sunni Islam, the third, Iran, being the world’s largest Shiite Muslim state.]

– British intelligence service MI5 conducted a survey which ended up with similar results of several hundred radical groups or the sphere of influence of the individuals involved. Accordingly Muslims predisposed to violent attitudes are not particularly religious. Only a very few persons had been radicalized in a close religious upbringing. The study notes that religious home in childhood and  adopted a powerful Muslim identity, in fact, protect the individual from extremist thoughts.

[TT: Empirical evidence dictates otherwise. How many cases do we need to dig up to prove our point, in which Muslims raised in a nominal Muslim home, get more religious after attending certain mosques, and then quoting chapter and verse go out to find an infidel to murder for the glory of Allah and Mohamed?]

Public debate ignores Muslims experiencing threats of violence

Scientists are concerned that after the terrorist attacks the discussion is attached to Islam. It is forgotten that the radicalization of young men not only Muslims, but also groups and individuals opposing Muslims. Hate crimes – up to five that ended in fatalities – have been a total of dozens in France, Sweden, the United States and Canada.

– Mainstream media has not dealt with cases of violent crimes against Muslims and thousands of Muslims in the West have expressed deep frustration in social networks asking: why don’t they deal with cases against Muslims as acts of terror? At the same time protection of Jewish centers have been impressively profiled: In France, to protect Jewish schools and religious centers 10 000 soldiers and 4 700 police officers. were ushered immediately.

[TT: A rationally thinking person would deem it normal to attach Islam to the deeds of someone basing his/her actions upon Islamic texts, who can quote them chapter and verse, validating their actions. Those who are feeling the brunt of these attacks, have the moral right to call it as they see it, and for others to put up or shut up.

Whining over high profile moves by the state in protecting Jewish communities who have BEEN HISTORICALLY the first in line to becoming victims of hatred and bigotry, and most importantly, are not involved in cold blooded terrorism anywhere in the world, is beyond the pale.]

– The feelings of threats and fear is of course to be taken seriously, regardless of where the group an individual considers they belong. But at the same time be aware that the tensions between population groups only increase if the society is perceived to have an unequal attitude towards the need for protection, writes Marko Juntunen and Karin Creutz.

Extremist organizations take advantage of the sense of being an outsider

European Muslims are in the horns of a dilemma. On the other hand extremists’ fanaticism and terror scares, on the other hand they threaten Islamophobic extremism. Also the attitude of the majority of the population is distressing.

– They are aware of inducing fear in humans when boarding a plane, when he took the metro, or move in the crowd. Unfortunately, few of the TV programs, news articles or in discussion has sought to illuminate what it is like to live in the world where Muslims’ victimhood is suppressed, while all the Muslims are more coarsely painted  with incrimination and threats, describe Juntunen and Creutz.

The researchers said it is unfair to require Muslims to bear a collective responsibility for terrorism.

– The Muslim population is expected to condemn the violence and disclaim radicalism. Muslims communities or private individuals, however, have little responsibility for terrorists as any non-Muslim European or North American is responsible for attacks of violence, which ordinary Muslims and mosques have been subjected to.

[TT: I do not know of any state that hasn’t taken actual threats against any community seriously, but there has to be proof of them, as of now, more mosques have been vandalized by rival Muslim groups (and by leading members in insurance schemes) than by outside forces. As for ”islaofauxbia”, it’s hard to take such a ludicrous meme seriously, especially the person using this unicorn label in the YLE article. ]

Experience of injustice and exclusion can help extremists acquire more members.

– Terrorist organizations provide a sense of community, identity, and life task by relying on a very straightforward manner of victimization. When young people are being concocted to the idea that they do not get the job because of their religion, status and acceptance in Europe, and that the number of force lies the only chance to change the world, Isis, the organization may show the attractive option. The organization is focusing on the value of young people living in the middle of the conflict, having a strong religious belief is useless to try to attract the war fronts, reminiscent of Marko Juntunen the University of Tampere, and Karin Creutz University of Helsinki.  YLE

[TT: Study after study shows that well to do, educated Muslims have involved themselves in jihad, and continue to do so. Case closed.]

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  1. Wakademic tosh. It will forever be shrouded in mystery how any self-respecting Westerner can take Mohammedan savages seriously. Is it fear or is it plain stupidity? Limp dick wakademics and politprops in the West really are infatuated with Islamic savages, which would require massive soul-searching on their part.

    They should be ridiculed at every step, they should be laughed out of every country; they should never be allowed to settle behind enemy lines and never be allowed to hold high office in the dar al-garb.

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