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The ‘Legacy President’.

Obama nero

The next Republican president has to refrain from doing anything even remotely similar to what Obama has been doing for the past six years, his narcissism from becoming institutionalized in the presidency, as well as his (unconstitutional) overreaching the bounds of the Executive office itself.

obama gun fingers

NOTE: Obama’s finger gun would land a school kid with a suspension in today’s ‘transformed’ America.

Video of the Day: Obama does selfies as world burns

You’ve probably already seen clips from this video, posted today by BuzzFeed, if you’ve watched a newscast since noon.

It doesn’t take much imagination to divine what you probably think of it.

The Washington Post, which continues to insist that Republicans and Tea Party types are basically wrong and stupid about everything, seems nevertheless to have finally caught up with the Republicans and Tea Party types who recognized all along that this is what Obama is.  The guy won’t even let the mainstream media cover for him: he insists on exposing his frivolous narcissism, by enlisting the least sensible of new media to get it out there before the people.

Consider that this is a president who wants Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Hassan Rouhani to take him seriously.  This is a president who wants allies like Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, David Cameron, Shinzo Abe, Stephen Harper, Enrique Pena Nieto, Matteo Renzi, Tony Abbott, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and King Abdullah of Jordan to trust him.  This is a president who complains about his treatment by Benjamin Netanyahu.  He is also a president who lectures the American people — which sentence is stunning even if we just stop right there.

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