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This is why the blockade is in effect, to stop the rearming of the Hamas IslamoNazis.

A TT source J.D. says: “This reportedly happened on 19 Jan.  The Gazan perps were apparently charged today (Wed.).  They were trying to smuggle liquid fiberglass from the Sinai to make weapons with.”

Israel intercepts boat carrying rocket-making materials from Egypt to Gaza

The Israeli Navy and the Shin Bet (Israel Intelligence Agency) jointly intercepted a boat traveling from Sinai to the Gaza Strip, carrying material for the production of rockets and mortars, security officials announced on Wednesday.

The boat, carrying fiberglass resin and three Gazan residents, was intercepted by the navy on January 19.

During questioning, the three suspects on board told the Shin Bet that their smuggling attempt was aimed at assisting Hamas’s military wing, the Izzadin Kassam Brigade, by providing it with raw material for building rockets and mortar shells.

The Israel Police’s southern district also took part in the investigation. According to security officials, many details on sea-based smuggling attempts between Gaza and Sinai emerged during the investigation, shedding light on how Hamas’s military wing uses the Mediterranean as a smuggling route.

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