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History books will have to mention brave men such as Paul who stood in the breach while the rest simply looked on.


Published on Monday, 09 February 2015 00:25

Written by Liberty GB


Hello Dudley.

I heard recently from the Left that the EDL was dead. I’m looking around here today and I’m seeing something quite different. This is what we need to be doing, week in, week out in this country, more of you out on the streets and showing those those traitors in our government, and those traitors at the BBC, and those traitors in our schools, that we are not going to lie down and be subsumed by the most barbaric, disgusting, savage, backward religion that has ever, ever in the history of mankind committed so much damage all around the world.

There are three facts, apparently, the Left tell us. The first is that the EDL is dead, the second is that Islam is a religion of peace, and the third is that today it’s really warm and we should be sunbathing. All of those things are quite clearly not true, but this is what they come out with all of the time. And they have to, because they know that when enough of us get together and we start doing what needs to be done, they are going to be overwhelmed by a tsunami of righteous fury from the people who are oppressed.

How dare they say that we, the British, the English, the Christians are oppressors? They are oppressing us, Islam is oppressing us, and we need our voices to be heard.

Voltaire, this old philosopher, said that it’s very easy to know who is controlling you: all you have to do is look at who you’re not allowed to criticise. Now, we all know who we’re not allowed to criticise – it is Islam. You may think you’re Islamophobic. Well, I’ll tell you what: I am an Islamophobic.

A phobia is an irrational fear. Anybody who is not fearful of this religion that is sweeping the entire world right now is not very clever – to put it bluntly. These people who are telling us that Islam is a religion of peace are liars, every single one is a liar. Our children at school are now having to be forced into mosques to be shown exactly what wonderful people these are. This is a betrayal of our children, it’s a betrayal of our culture, it’s a betrayal of our country.

What do we do about this? March … all right, march. Well, you say march … we need more than this, we need tens of thousands of people out there, we need hundreds of thousands of people out there. They can do it in Dresden, we can do it here. Pegida are talking about coming to this country, well fine, good for them. We haven’t seen them here yet. The only people in this country doing anything for our culture, and our children and our grandchildren are the E – D – L. Let’s hear it for the EDL!

You know, I never thought it would come to pass in this country that Jews are now talking about wanting to leave because Britain – the country that helped defeat Nazism – is now a country where they are not safe to be. This is a tragedy, an absolute tragedy, and everyone knows that what happens to the Jews first happens to everybody else afterwards. And the Nazis … we are called Nazis by these horrible left-wing scum who don’t know the faintest idea of Nazism.

Let’s look at what Nazism wants to do: first of all, kill the Jews. After you kill the Jews, kill the homosexuals. After you’ve killed the homosexuals, take over the country. Islam is Nazism incarnate, and we are going to fight the modern-day Nazi Party of this country.

And here’s a thing: if anybody tried to start a new political party today, and they said, what we’re going to do first of all is have a go at the Jews, then the homosexuals, then the Christians – would that party be allowed to stand? It would be closed down the very moment it put its manifesto out. But Islam is allowed to do what it does all around this country, and everyone says, that’s fine, because it’s not a political party, it’s a religion, and apparently it’s a religion of peace.

Well, bollocks to that!

Let’s get on to the media about this. Last week we saw, up in Newcastle and Halifax, another God knows how many – 40, 50 Muslims – arrested for doing what they do so well to our children and our grandchildren in this country, which is raping them. They rape our children and we turn a blind eye.

How many people here saw this news on the BBC last week? Because I didn’t see it, and if anybody here saw it … . The local newspapers carried it but the BBC chose to ignore it, because they know if they talk about it Islam will come down to their headquarters in White City and they will bomb it; because they are terrified of Islam.

Look at you people here. You are the people who are not terrified of Islam, who are not going to bow down before it, who are going to stand up to Islam, who are going to stop Islam from taking over this country, and if you’re not here they will do it. So every single one of you, let’s hear it for all of you people here of the EDL. Let’s really hear it!

Right, I’m last one up today, we’ve been told forty-five minutes, and we’re running up over it, so that’s it from me. I’ll see you in Manchester next time, when I’ve got more time.

Thank you very much.

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