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Meanwhile in Cameroon, IslamoNazis are still butchering the townsfolk.

Boko Haram kills dozens in rampage after Chad offensive

Chad army in clash with Boko Haram – footage

chad boko haram cameroon

Fotokol (Cameroon) (AFP) – Nigerian Boko Haram fighters went on the rampage in the Cameroonian border town of Fotokol Wednesday, massacring dozens of civilians and torching a mosque before being repelled by regional forces.

The onslaught came a day after Chad sent troops across the border to flush the jihadists out of the Nigerian town of Gamboru, which lies some 500 metres (yards) from Fotokol on the other side of a bridge.

Chad’s army said it had killed more than 200 Boko Haram militants in the intervention — the first by regional forces against Boko Haram on its home ground. But some of the insurgents escaped, it added.

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  1. Hi KGS
    Boko Haram, not that much different from most SSA muslims I’ve met in my time.
    Eeyore has my new skype, hope to hear from you soon as it would be good to restart the old round up.

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