Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia, a place where on can still visit the 7th century and not be in a museum.


Where flower men are violent, anti-socialite, psychopaths, drink camel piss for supposed medicinal purposes, and regardless of their attempts to smell good, still stink.

Hey infidel! Wear moss on your head to cover your stench!

Restorative: Garlands made exclusively for medicinal purposes, such as the one this man is wearing, are less pretty and stuffed with herbs

Meet the flower men of Saudi Arabia: They’ve lived in a remote mountain fortresses for 2,000 years (but don’t be fooled by the head-dresses – they are so violent even the police are scared of them)Ancient traditions: The flower men of the Habala Mountains are part of a tribal group that has lived in the area for more than 2,000 years 

  • The tribe live in the foothills of the Habala Mountains in Saudi Arabia’s southern Asir province
  • Men wear colourful floral garlands in a bid to look good and smell nice in the intense heat
  • Despite their love of flowers, the tribes are notoriously violent and engage in cross-border battles
  • So dangerous are some of the tribes, the Saudi Arabian police refuse to enter some of the villages
  • Their villages are fortified with the tribesmen so far resisting all attempts to develop their land 

They live in the Habala Mountains that straddle Saudi Arabia’s southern border with Yemen but take orders from neither government, instead living their lives under the dictates of tribal law.

Meet the ‘flower men’, a tribe of people descended from the ancient Tihama and Asir groupings and whose traditions, most strikingly the garlands of herbs and blooms they wear, date back more than two millennia.

But as photographer Eric Lafforgue discovered, they are the source of much unrest in the region, conducting cross-border battles and reacting violently should any outsider stumble into their turf – including to Lafforgue himself.

More here. H/T: Gaia

Proud: Despite their colourful garlands, the tribe are proudly independent and have fought for centuries to keep control of their land

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  1. I think it’s hysterical that guys who wear flowers on their heads have beaten the Muslims at their own game of creating no-go zones that outsiders and police stay away from.

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