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I kind of sympathize with the move.

Watch: Saudi TV Blurs Out Michelle Obama

After haredi newspaper photoshops female leaders out of Paris picture, Saudi producers take it a step further.

By Ari Soffer  First Publish: 1/27/2015, 11:07 PM

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

After a haredi newspaper famously photoshopped female world leaders out of pictures from the recent Paris march against Islamist terrorism – prompting outrage, mockery and bewilderment in equal measure – it seems they are not in fact alone.

Upon arriving in Saudi Arabia Tuesday to pay a condolence visit following the death of King Abdullah, Saudi TV showed US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walking down a red carpet and meeting key dignitaries, including the newly-crowned King Salman.

But apparently perturbed at the first lady’s lack of Islamic attire – and, alas, unable to photoshop her out of the shot – the producers at Saudi state TV came up with a different, even less subtle approach to protect their viewers’ eyes from temptation: the massive blurred column.

You have to admit, it is effective.

More here.

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  1. I believe that it is not necessary for non-Muslim foreign women to wear Islamic attire while in Saudi Arabia. That is, unless it is the wife of a Muslim. Ahh yes, now it makes sense.

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