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“Even Though I Supported a Jihad, it was Never to Hurt Anyone.”


Must have been some of that non-violent Jihad.

Shannon Conley converted to Islam, renamed herself Halima and then decided to go all the way. The ISIS way.

Conley told the judge she never intended to hurt anyone.

“Even though I supported a jihad, it was never to hurt anyone,” she said in a written statement interrupted by sobs. “It was always in the defense of Muslims.”

Defense of Muslims obviously included Al Qaeda.

Conley had pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to provide material support to al-Qaeda. She was arrested last spring at Denver International Airport as she was about to embark on a potentially deadly quest to Syria.

But wait… she just misunderstood Islam.

Shannon Conley told the judge she was misled while pursuing Islam and learned only after her arrest about atrocities committed by the extremists she was taught to respect.

“I am glad I have learned of their true identity here and not on the front lines,” said Conley, whose black and tan headscarf clashed against her striped jail uniform. “I disavow these radical views I’ve come to know and I now believe in the true Islam in which peace is encouraged.”

Poor Shannon. She only learned that Al Qaeda committed atrocities after prison. How was she supposed to know?

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