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Politicians treating constituencies like doormats has led to mass disgust over the shift in societal norms and general makeup. Treating them like they’re nazis is only going to piss them off even more.

The problems facing Germany (and the rest of Europe) are all self inflicted. European fascination with socialist totalitarian movements of Communism, Nazism, Democratic Socialism and now with Islam, has led to the present day dilemma. If these dunderheads believe that issue of anti-Islamization will be solved with jobs, they’re badly mistaken, the absence of them is not the reason people have had it up to here with Islam, it’s Islam itself.

A German Muslim leader says that Muslims and mosques are increasingly becoming targets of violence in Germany. He puts part of the blame on the ‘anti-Islamization’ group PEGIDA.
More than three million Germans can barely make ends meet despite being in work, according to a German newspaper. Growing numbers of struggling workers are cutting back on heating and food.

German Vice Chancellor Gabriel meets with PEGIDA supporters

Germany’s Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has met with anti-Islam supporters in Dresden. Meanwhile, thousands of anti-racism demonstrators have turned out to rally against the PEGIDA movement.

Freiburg gegen Pegida

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s vice chancellor and a member of the Social Democratic Party, had been invited to attend a lecture at the Center for Civic Education in Dresden when he had an unexpected meeting with members of the anti-Islam PEGIDA group.

Gabriel said he was there in a private capacity to listen to the lecture. More than 200 people, including PEDIGA supports and the group’s critics, also attended.

Following the presentation, Gabriel participated in discussions for about an hour with the PEGIDA supporters. “What’s not better in a democracy than talking to each other,” he told German news channel N-24.

German politicians have struggled for months with how to react to PEGIDA members, their demands and rallies that have been held across the country.

Views within Gabriel’s SPD range from some calling to engage in discussions with PEGIDA supporters to others who say participating in such events would send the wrong signal to the general public.

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