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And to think that Kerry is the brightest of bulbs in the dimwitted Obama administration……

Kerry: Muslims in Europe are like Blacks During Segregation


Maybe we can make James Taylor Secretary of State. He can’t be any worse than Kerry.

[…] Kerry responded by recalling his days as a college student in the 1960s during the civil rights era and the consequent sensitivity of his generation to “this question of minority and rights and integration and so forth.” After explaining that although the U.S. has made “unbelievable progress” on race-related matters, “we still have some distance to travel.” […]

Except that…

1. Muslims are self-segregating

2. Islam is a Supremacist and racist ideology. The most basic proof of that is that Muslims are welcome in Europe while Christians are being wiped out in the Middle East.

3. Where are the calls for Muslim countries integrating non-Muslims and granting them equal rights?

More here.

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  1. You would think it would be appropriate for the secretary of state to know what he was talking about.

    Obama has picked the right “yes boss” guy for his Islamic agenda.

  2. Allahu Akbar is the Seig Heil of the 21st Century. The context of the utterance is the same. The goals of the ideology that it celebrates are the same. This is the same monster defeated in WWII risen from the ashes as a religion. Yet this time, our leaders tell us that fear and loathing of this monster is a ‘phobia’. Where is a Roosevelt when we need him?

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