IslamoNazis on the move.

EXPLOSION of the day

Ever since the overthrow of Egypt’s Mubarak and the advent of the nonsensical Arab Spring/Winter, the jihadis have been on the move. This is just one more reminder to Israeli’s of the dangerous neighborhood in which they live, and the need to be vigilant, always.

NOTE: I hope Israel pounds the hell out of any kind of Islamofascist activity against them, and in such a way that there’ll only be found ”weeping widows and charred earth.

Egypt jihadists claim attack on Sinai pipeline to Jordan

by JT | Jan 19, 2015 | 22:29

AMMAN — Egyptian jihadists claimed Monday to have bombed a pipeline in the Sinai that carries gas to Jordan, saying it was targeted over the Kingdom’s role in the US-led offensive on the Islamic State (IS) group, Agence France-Presse reported.

Egyptian militant group Ansar Beit Al Maqdis, which has pledged allegiance to IS, tweeted unverified pictures of the claimed attack, without saying when it was carried out, according to AFP.

Since the 2011 uprising that toppled president Hosni Mubarak, there have been 27 confirmed attacks on energy pipelines in the Sinai Peninsula, the most recent of which was on December 23, AFP reported from Cairo.

The frequent attacks on the pipeline in Sinai have led to an increasing energy burden on the Kingdom.

Jordan has been forced to use heavy oil and diesel reserves at a cost of $5 million a day to generate power after the cut in gas supplies from Egypt.

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