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Yes, they’re right in Israel’s own backyard.

Israel arrests ISIS-affiliated cell in West Bank

ISIS terrorists

From Left to Right: Ahmed Shahada, Qassai Masawada and Muhammad Zaro, the alleged ISIS terror cell arrested by Shin Bet . (photo credit:Courtesy Shin Bet)

The Judea military court on  December 18 indicted three members of a Hebron Islamic State cell for plotting a range of terrorist attacks, it was revealed Sunday. Following the lifting of a gag order, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced that it had arrested the three in November and its members detonated a bomb in a failed attack against soldiers, which caused no injuries.

Members of the group are all residents of Hebron, the Shin Bet added, naming three men in their early 20s. They acted alone, and had no contact with outside elements, security sources familiar with the investigation said.

Sources said suspect Ahmed Shahada, 22, confessed to setting up an Islamic State cell with the two other suspects and plotting attacks. He admitted to building a number of bombs, one of which he threw at an army unit.

“They planned to murder an IDF soldier and use his weapon and uniform to carry out a shooting attack,” the Shin Bet stated.

It named Muhammad Zaro, 21, and Qassai Div Masawada, 23, as the other suspects and said they also have confessed.

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