Finland illegal aliens


A porous border alert.

They should have directed them to the Swedish border.

Syrian men brave North Karelia’s freezing cold in asylum bid

Finnish border guard officials have confirmed that three Syrian men illegally crossed the eastern border in Kangasjärvi, Kitee late Monday night. The men, who were seeking asylum in Finland, were forced to seek help at a Kitee guest house for one of their company, who suffered frostbite on his feet.

Rajavartija tähyää rajanylittäjien tulojälkiä Kiteen Kangasjärvellä tiistaina
A border guardsman trains his binoculars on the horizon in Kangasjärvi, Kitee on Tuesday. Image: Pohjois-Karjalan rajavartiosto

The three Syrians crossed over the border into Finland in Kangasjärvi, the southern part of Kitee. According to their account, they began their journey on foot on Sunday. Once they crossed the border they sought help at a local guest house because one of the men apparently had frostbitten feet.

Local border guards responded to a call to the emergency services and were joined by police as well as ambulance services. Two of the men were detained, while the man with the badly frozen feet was taken to hospital for treatment.

When the men reached Finland the local temperature was -25 degrees Celsius. They said that the extreme cold had made their journey somewhat more difficult. However in another sense the cold may have saved them, since it ensured that the ice was frozen solid at their crossing point at the mouth of the Kangasjärvi river. The ice at this location is usually weak and they would otherwise have ended up in the water.

The men said that they intended to claim asylum once they reached Finland, claiming that they were fleeing the conflict in their native Syria.

North Karelia border guard officials will conduct an initial investigation into the case while eastern Finland police are to look into the asylum request.

The trio are currently being detained at the eastern Finland police facility, after which they will be transferred to a refugee reception centre.


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  1. It might be the NYE hangover – but I don’t get where the Syrian ‘refugees’ crossed over from. Is the article saying that they crossed from Karelia into Finland? If so – I wonder how they got into Russia and travlled across it undetected. Presumably it would take them a while to trek from Syria and on across a few countries into Russia. And with Russia’s experience of Nord Ost theatre, Domoddovo Airport, Volgograd Station, Beslan etc etc one would think that a group of arab gentlemen would attract their attention.

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