Hamas Iran WMD's


Special kudos go out to Vlad and his Farsi translator in getting this into English, which by the way, has not been made available by the BBC even upon request for some oddball reason known only to themselves.


This interview is scary for a number of reasons, two men calmly discussing the procurement of nuclear weapons for Iran, the need for the Islamic Ummah (meaning both Sunni and Shiia) to come together to fight the ”oppressors”, as well as the insinuation that Iran is going to impose sharia upon Iran in a more aggressive way.

The only way Iran can do that without fear of repercussion from abroad, is that they obtain nuclear weapons, something that I’ve been sounding the alarm about for years, especially to those people who wear their humanitarianism as a sleeve badge. Once Iran obtains these weapons, the big gloves come off.

These are not irrational players, but cold, cool and collected ideologues who march to a totally different set of moral values, dying is not something to be avoided, but to be enjoyed, with birth being the very first step to one’s own death. They do not think that mass suicide (being totally obliterated by an Iranian nuke weapon) is something to be feared, but to await, if the hope is the total destruction of the Jewish state and the spread of Islam.

BBC Asia interviews a Hamas leader on their ties with Iran and ambitions.

This is a significant interview and while it was supposed to be available in English by request, no request was answered by those who asked. Please download and spread this video by any and all means in case it is removed. It must be seen and understood. While it isn’t a ‘sexy’ video of psychos screaming, it is an extremely powerful person calmly discussing geopolitically significant matters such as nuclear weapons, genocide, strategic alliances and enmity as well as ambitions as well as the implementation of sharia in Gaza. Add to this recent demonstrations of Hamas’ alliance with Turkey and we see what could be a game changer in the region.

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