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 Also, read this: Confessions of a Public Defender talking about Blacks he knew through the criminal court system H/T Allen West:

As a young lawyer, I believed the official story that blacks are law abiding, intelligent, family-oriented people, but are so poor they must turn to crime to survive. Actual black behavior was a shock to me.


KSDK reported that a Sunday protest at the St. Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights, MO resulted in damage to the inside of a store after two protesters over the grand jury decision in Ferguson ignored police orders to disperse and damaged store property inside a Macy’s.

According to the station, both mall security and Richmond Heights police ordered the protesters to leave, a command that most of them complied with. However, two individuals with the protest bolted through the Macy’s in the mall and knocked over a perfume display. One individual, a 17-year-old male, was arrested for property damage.

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