Benjamin Weinthal Muslim persecution of Christians


The most under-told story of decade, the ongoing persecution of Christians throughout the M.E. in face of the incredible silence of Christian and or political leaders in the West. Talk about back stabbing.

The religious cleansing of Middle East Christians

iraq christians

Iraqi Christians pray during a mass on Christmas eve at a church in Baghdad. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The fate of struggling Christians in Muslim-majority countries in the Islamic heartland has shifted from persecution to an existential struggle.

Anti-Christian violence in 2014 saw a transformation from under-told news coverage, to routine reports of radical Islamists seeking to obliterate Christianity’s presence.

Religious freedom experts captured the dire situation of Middle Eastern Christians in comments on Friday to The Jerusalem Post.

“Persecution no longer adequately describes the treatment of Christians in a growing number of Muslim areas.

Religious cleansing, a type of cultural genocide, which is a crime against humanity, is the more accurate description.

This is now occurring in Iraq, Syria, parts of Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and Pakistan.

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