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290 heritage sites in Syria have been damaged by the war, UN says

UN agencies have expressed concern that cultural sites and artifacts, which date back to the dawn of civilization, may be lost forever in the conflict zones of Syria and Iraq.

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) said Dec. 23 that satellite images show 290 cultural sites in Syria have been damaged by the war. UNITAR said 24 sites are completely destroyed, 104 are severely damaged, 85 are moderately damaged, and 77 are possibly damaged.

At this point in time we found it important to issue a comprehensive status report to alert decision-makers and the public of deterioration to many of the rich cultural heritage areas in Syria. The widespread destruction and damage we have observed call for increased protection efforts and support to the ongoing work of UNESCO.– Einar Bjorgo
manager of the UNITAR Operational Satellite Applications Program

UNITAR had to rely on satellite images because few people have access to the conflict areas. A website has been set up with a detailed look at all the sites observed by UNITAR.

More here h/t: Fjordman

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