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This Arab huckster (traitor) Jamal Zalhalka was in Helsinki a couple of months ago peddling his lies and propaganda. What a vile piece of crap.

They all should be taken to a camp the equivalent of GITMO to spend the rest of their days, not breathing with the rest of society, let alone in the nations house of parliament.



MK Jamal Zahalka, chairperson of the radical Arab nationalist Knesset party Balad, stated on Saturday that within a week his party and the other two Arab parties, the Islamist United Arab List and far-left Hadash party,will form a joint list to run together in the March 17 elections.

“After we decide to run together every party will choose its representatives and then we’ll form a joint list together,” Zahalka said,reports Israel Hayom.

The Arab MK continued “I estimate that it will be easy to form it (the list). After all these aren’t new parties. All of the parties already ran several election campaigns and we know our strengths. According to the indicated agreement, what existed in terms of a balance of powers will be preserved.”

Zahalka also said he expects to win 15 seats for the joint Arab list in the coming elections, which would make the party one of the largest in the Knesset – recent polls have put that number at 11 mandates.

The three Arab parties have been largely divided on several core issues preventing a union until now, but with the outgoing coalition having raised the threshold to get into the Knesset, the parties are increasingly seeing no chance of being in without joining together.

United Arab List has tended to represent the Bedouin Arab community more, whereas Balad represents the Arab community in the Galilee. Hadash for its part has an ideological divide from the other two, being a communist party.

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