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And remember what Obama said in his infamous ‘Cairo declaration’, he wanted tp make it easier for Muslims to give Zakat, to ”Islamic charities”.

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French Islamic charity accused of funding terrorists

© Bulent Kilic/AFP | An aid lorry sent by controversial Turkish NGO IHH

Text by Charlotte BOITIAUX

Latest update : 2014-12-12

A French Islamic charity has been accused of raising funds for jihadist groups in Syria, in a case that is worrying other Muslim NGOs who fear being branded as supporting terrorists.

Perle d’Espoir (which means Pearl of Hope) advertises itself as a humanitarian charity. It was set up in Paris in 2012 to provide medical and food aid to the war-torn Syrian population.

The NGO is currently under investigation for allegedly giving financial and material support to terrorist groups.


What defines an Islamic NGO?

According to Idriss Sihamedi, president of Barakacity, an Islamic NGO “collects legitimate donations that respond to specific needs according to Islamic law”. These donations are redistributed in the form of food, clothing and medical assistance to civilian victims of war “regardless of their religious faith”.

Paris-Sud University Professor Khattar Abu Diab describes Islamic NGOs as having similar philosophies to Christian NGOs such as British charity Christian Aid and international Catholic organisation Caritas.

One of its directors, Nabil O (the family name cannot be given for legal reasons) is accused of embezzling the NGO’s funds before joining an armed group in Syria at the beginning of 2014. The case went before a Paris court in November.

Other French Islamic charities are worried: how damaging is a case like this to their reputations and efforts to provide genuine humanitarian assistance?

Idriss Sihamedi is the head of Islamic NGO BarakaCity which provides food, clothing and medical help to civilians in Syria, Gaza, Jordan – and also DR Congo.

Sihamedi told FRANCE 24 the Perle d’Espoir case risked undermining the good work of many other Islamic organisations, and that he himself has been the subject of “unfounded” allegations.

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