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What they’re feeling insecure about most likely, is the roaming gangs of certain immigrant groups in the streets of the nation’s capital.

You can read just about anything into these statistics, which at times, and even in the same report appears to contradict itself, but one thing remains a constant, if these people ”feel insecure”, then there’s always the door.

Females with immigrant background feel ‘less secure’ in Helsinki

A new study has found that younger women with immigrant backgrounds say they feel less secure on the streets of Helsinki than natives do.

Image: Jarkko Heikkinen/ YLE

After several safety trials, results showed that young women with immigrant backgrounds felt less safe than males did. Meanwhile, males of all backgrounds appear to experience about the same amount of security.

These women also felt more insecure than native Finnish women. The study found that even though immigrant-background women may feel less secure as a group, they were not significantly more likely to have been victims of crime than the native population.

The survey, by the City of Helsinki Urban Facts, focused on second-generation immigrants, 15 to 29 years old. The study included women of both immigrant and native Finnish background in the same age group.

More here at the taxpayer funded propaganda mill.

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