Anti-sharia Islam in Denmark


After listening to the guy shouting the same thing over and over, only one word comes to mind, tard.

Mirrored from Vlad: Denmark: A small group of people organized an anti-sharia demonstration which was interrupted by a member of the religion of peace, offering to share his tribal code with all present.

Kepiblanc offers the following explanation for what is taking place in this video:

The video starts with two female politicians – the one with the red hair, Inge Stoejbjerg, from a semi-conservative parti (Venstre), the other one a muslima from some leftist party – who organized a demonstration against some Hizb ut-Tahrir meeting. They demand that Muslims behave according to Danish law and reject sharia.

Then the camera focuses on the yelling Muslim. He repeatedly shouts: “længe leve sharia!” (“long live sharia!”). The crowd ignores him until an elderly gentleman pushes the intelligent looking cultural enricher a bit and tells him to get lost. The cops show up and separate the two. Finally, a couple of other Muslims accompany their “brother” away.

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