Unbelievable if true.

He has ordered the FBI to read Islamo-terrorists ‘Miranda rights’ reserved for US citizens, so it’s reasonable to conclude that he ordered his Navy Seal commandos to seek al-Qaida’s surrender first before opening fire. If that’s the case, then he made it that much more difficult for these Seals to carry out their mission.

This interesting portion buried in the Daily Mail article angers me to no end, this is the scoop that the DM passed over! :

US commanders appealed for the terrorists to surrender, as an official explained: ‘They called on the kidnappers to give themselves up because they were surrounded on all sides. ‘But the kidnappers immediately killed two hostages, which prompted the forces to open fire on the kidnappers. They tried to give first aid to the hostages but they had lost their lives.’

So if this turns out to be the case, that they did not charge into the buildings with guns blazing, but hesitated for a few moments in order for the islamonazis to give themselves up, then that changes things. This is a direct result of the Obama doctrine in treating terrorists as criminals and not the terrorist Islamo-cockroach scum that they are.


UK-born hostage Luke Somers shot dead by his Al Qaeda captors during rescue bid by US Navy SEALs was ‘seconds from safety’

A team of 20 US Navy SEALs (left, file image) watched the terrorist’s compound for 24 hours to fine tune their plans before carrying out the raid, but UK-born Luke Somers (far right) and South African Pierre Korkie were killed. The pair were taken to a V-22 Osprey aircraft (centre, top) after being wounded and flown back to the USS Makin Island (bottom), which was moored nearby. However both of them were pronounced dead on arrival.

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  1. It just boggles the mind that our Navy Seals take direction from the current and most incompetent occupant of the oval office.

  2. If this is the way this rescue attempt went down it is truly obscene.

    And why was the US clueless with regards to the South African hostage due to be released the day after the raid?

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