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I had the privilege of meeting with Mark a few years ago In Brussels.


In filling in for Rush Limbaugh on his Friday show, conservative commentator Mark Steyn scoffed at the notion Republicans would handle impeachment well enough to even attempt. The author of “The Undocumented Mark Steyn” responded a caller’s question about impeachment and acknowledge that Obama penalizes the lawful, while incentivizing the lawless, but was skeptical congressional Republicans would do anything about it.

As it pertained to impeachment, he pointed to the impeachment proceedings against former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s and explained that based upon the Republican Senate leadership’s handling of impeachment at the time, there is no reason to believe it would be handled differently this time around.

“I kind of blow hot and cold on impeachment because you’re dealing with a political class that always makes a mess of it,” Steyn explained to a caller. “I sat in the Senate during the last impeachment trial. That guy should have been impeached as well, and the reason he wasn’t is because it’s a joke process. The Senate is allowed to set the rules. You had Chief Justice Rehnquist, and he didn’t do anything but have this sort of Gilbert and Sullivan robe made up for the occasion.”

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  1. Mark is so right on! If you read “Blacklisted by History” M. Stanton Evans, you will get a gut full of how crooked our politicians are especially when policing themselves. Read about how Senator McCarthy was treated like the canary in the coal mine. People still mistakenly use his name as a pejorative. It is shameful. And WE call OURSELVES civilized? Sometimes I don’t think so. I remember that previous guy mentioned on public impeachment trial, sweating like a pig (not only because of tv lighting), and desperate to remember his coached lines while juggling the cognitive dissonances in his own black heart. THAT is how congress works and it is NOT for justice NOR the people.

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