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Updated Author’s Preface to “Iran’s Final Solution For Israel”

This past March, 2014, I released my book Iran’s Final Solution For Israel—The Legacy of Jihad and Shi’ite Islamic Jew Hatred in Iran. Reviews of the book have appeared at Breitbart, Pajamas Media, The American Thinker,and the Canadian magazine Convivium. Following the announced “extension” of the “P5 +1” negotiations for another 7-months, this past Monday, November 24, 2014, I wrote an updated Preface to the book, which will be incorporated into a new edition that will soon be available at

Updated Author’s Preface

They [the Jews of Iran] live under profound oppression because they are considered as outlaws or outcastes. [T]he capriciousness of the governor and the pack of his subordinates weigh upon them [the Jews]; they use any pretext to plunder the Jews with impunity, for there is no one to whom the Jews could turn or dare to turn to complain of their oppression except the governor himself, who is the judge of his own case…If a Jew crosses the road dressed decently or hazards to mount a horse, the spectators complain that he dares to present himself as a believer. If on the other hand he is wearing miserable rags, the young rascals of the streets, excited by persons much older, pursue him throwing mud and stones at him…In the cases of jurisprudence, the Jew cannot invoke in his favor the benefits of the law; it is certain that the Muslim will testify against him, while one cannot trust the latter’s words nor that of his witnesses… One of the principal causes of the misery of the Jews is stirred up by the priests and descendants of the [Muslim] prophet, the Mullah and the Sayyids [Muslim clerics]. Living in opposition to the government, they surround themselves with the riffraff of society—brigands, highway robbers—to whom they throw as fodder all who fall into their hands, above all the Jews, inoffensive human beings not protected by the law… [E]ven the obtainment of a firman declaring the emancipation of the Jews and the abolition of all exclusion and restriction in regard to them, would not be sufficient to guarantee in the future its strict execution. Besides, the great distances which separate from the capital the numerous agglomerations of Jews, serve to give security if not a guarantee of impunity to the persecutors.

—Jacob Eduard Polak, 1865§

One year after the widely celebrated, yet dangerously de-stabilizing so-called P5 +1 Iranian nuclear weapons negotiations were announced, it was declared Monday November 24, 2014 that no final deal could be sealed. up1 New interim (March 1, 2015) and final (July 1, 2015) deadlines for continued negotiations were proclaimed, instead. up2

Prior to the announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had lauded this ultimate development as the preferred, if hardly ideal, outcome. up3

No deal is better than a bad deal. The right deal that is needed is to dismantle Iran’s capacity to make atomic bombs and only then dismantle the sanctions. Since that’s not in the offing, this result is better, a lot better.

Expanding upon Mr. Netanyahu’s observations, the lack of a signed agreement provides Israel with a fortuitous, if evanescent strategic opportunity.

Thursday, 11/20/2014, reviewing more than a decade of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) analyses (and other investigative findings) a 104 page report concluded that the Iranian regime—despite repeated, disingenuous countervailing protests—had, “vigorously pursued its ambitions to obtain nuclear weapons.” up4 Tehran continued to engage in “systematic,” “vigorous” combined military, and dual military-civilian efforts, “such as enrichment, weaponization, warhead, and delivery system at some stage,” whose ultimate goal was procuring nuclear weapons capability. up5

In other words, Iran has worked on specific programs and projects to master all necessary aspects of obtaining a nuclear weapon

Moreover, the November 20, 2014 report noted, there were, “no serious indications that Tehran has stopped or abandoned this project or intends to do so.” up6 Iran, on the contrary, “has resorted to further secrecy and concealment to keep its program intact and unhindered.” Additional discoveries and data all underscore how “a military program and military related activities,” remain “at the heart of the Iranian nuclear program.” up7

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