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All indicators point to full fledged ”loon” where Vikki Horsman is concerned, but she didn’t deserve acid in the face.

If she would have sought advice from those of us in the Counterjihad who know all about Islam and the trouble its adherents cause normal society, we could have spared her from her present troubles. Here is some advice to other women/girls thinking about starting up a relationship with Muslim males, don’t.

Scarred acid attack victim, 20, tells court of horrific moment she had liquid thrown in her face by masked man ‘in assault arranged by 80-year-old Muslim ex-lover’ 

Miss Horsman is pictured after her conversion to Islam
Miss Horsman is pictured arriving at court today, where the scars on her neck could be seen

Converted: Vikki Horsman, 19, who converted to Islam for 80-year-old Mohammed Rafiq, had acid thrown in her face after he allegedly arranged for the liquid to be hurled over her as she answered the door. She is pictured left after converting, and right arriving at court today, where the scars on her neck could be seen

  • Vikki Horsman, 20, converted to Islam for pensioner Mohammed Rafiq
  • She met him in 2010 and started sexual relationship with him, court told
  • She chose to wear a headscarf and changed her name to Aleena Rafiq
  • But she ended relationship when he became ‘too controlling’, jury hears 
  • Acid was thrown over her when she answered door at friend’s house
  • Rafiq, Steven Holmes and Shannon Heaps accused of inflicting GBH
  • Holmes, 25, threw the acid at Miss Horsman, court told
  • Miss Horsman tells court she had ‘not particularly’ wanted to convert
  • Describes ‘burning’ sensation as ‘masked man threw acid at her’

A scarred acid attack victim today told a court of the horrific moment she had the liquid thrown in her face by a masked man in an assault allegedly arranged by her 80-year-old Muslim ex-lover.

Vikki Horsman, 20, was left horribly burned and disfigured after she was doused with the sulphuric acid as she went to answer the door at her friend’s house in Tividale, West Midlands.

Her pensioner ex-lover, Mohammed Rafiq, is accused of arranging the attack in revenge for Miss Horsman, who had converted to Islam during their relationship, breaking up with him.

Miss Horsman today told Wolverhampton Crown Court that she had ‘peeked around the corner of the porch door’ to a hooded male caller wearing a bandana across his face who then threw the liquid directly at her on April 15 this year.

Speaking at the trial of Rafiq and two other men accused of carrying out the attack, she described how she was left ‘screaming’ as the acid hit her, and had glimpsed her blistering face and neck as she stumbled back into the house, hurriedly dousing herself with cold water from the kitchen tap.

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3 Responses

  1. It looks like she’s no longer a muslim, going by the post-acid attack picture. Fancy that?

  2. She did WHAT?
    I’ve heard of White women being seduced into converting to Islam by handsome Arab charmers, but an 80 year-old man?
    And she’s a teenager?
    She must have serious mental health issues. What could she possibly see in a smelly 80-year-old Muzzloid scumbag?
    As for the old pervert, he should be castrated, horse-whipped and strung up from the nearest tree!

  3. I guess her momma never told her what happens when you lie down with snakes…
    so you mommas out there reading this, best to go ahead and have that talk with your children now. All you can do is try to save them from the world, but in the end you can’t save them from themselves.

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