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That’s just what the UK needs, raping Libyans.

Libyan soldiers who were ordered home in disgrace after ‘unacceptable’ breakdown of discipline at UK barracks now claim ASYLUM

  • 300 Libyan soldiers based in thee UK are to be sent home a month early 
  • Group were stationed at Bassingbourn Barracks – 14 miles from Cambridge
  • Two men are charged with raping a male victim in a park after night out
  • Two others admitted sex attack on woman ago but one man denies it 
  • ‘Handful’ of the soldiers have since claimed asylum in the UK
  • Whole programme training 2,000 soldiers has been axed

Libyan soldiers involved in a British Army training programme beset by allegations of rape, drunkenness and fighting have claimed asylum, the Government admitted today.

Hundreds of Libyan cadets were invited to the UK to strengthen the country’s besieged security forces, as western leaders scrambled to control the growing anarchy sweeping the north African state.

But the programme was closed down earlier this month after the Libyan soldiers were ordered home in disgrace after a ‘totally unacceptable’ breakdown of discipline.

On their way home: 300 Libyan troops training at Bassingbourn Barracks in Cambridgeshire (pictured) have been sent back early following alleged sex attacks

Five cadets were placed in police custody facing sex charges after a series of violations described as ‘beyond the pale’ by the head of the Army General Sir Nicholas Carter.

Now Deference Secretary Michael Fallon has admitted that a number of the cadets have refused to go home and have instead claimed asylum.

He told MPs a ‘very small handful’ of Libyan soldiers involved in the training programme had asked to stay.

Mr Fallon told the Commons that of the 328 total originally signed up to the scheme, around 100 left during the course of their training by agreement with the Libyan authorities.

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