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Canadian-Israeli Woman Fighting With Kurds Against ISIS (AUDIO)

NOVEMBER 10, 2014 

Author:Dave Bender

Kurdish women fighters take oath of allegiance in training. Photo: Gateway Pundit.

A Canadian-Israeli has recently joined Kurdistanis fighting against ISIS in northern Syria, Israel Radio said Monday.

“I decided to do my part in the Kurdish national effort,” the 31-year-old woman, a former IDF soldier, said in a telephone interview.

“I’m on the Iraq-Syria border, and we’re currently about 3,000 meters from ISIS,” she told the interviewer during the call. “I was given an RPG by the Kurdish army.”

The woman joined up with the Kurds via the internet, similar to hundreds of foreign fighters who opted to join ISIS’ ranks in recent months, including Israeli Arabs, some of whom are facing jail terms.

“I found them via Facebook, and told them I wanted to volunteer, and went to Iraq,” she said.

The woman left Tel Aviv a few days ago, and made her way to Erbil, in northern Iraq. From there, she traveled to the Syrian border, and on Sunday, began the training process prior to taking up arms in the battle.

She told Israel Radio that she decided to aid the Kurds because “they are our brothers, and are a good, life-affirming people – like us,” she said, and added that she felt she could contribute from her military experience in the Israeli army.

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