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When travelling in Sweden, don’t get sick.

One of the dividends of allowing unfettered mass immigration and refugees into the country. I think it can be accurately said that the Swedish political, social and ruling elite care more for the title of ”most humanitarian” than they do the welfare of their own citizens.

While there is an acceptance that lice are a growing problem in society at large, Jacobsen underlined that the key issue in this case is that patients seek help if they are not feeling well.

Stockholm hospitals suffer lice epidemic

Stockholm hospitals suffer lice epidemic

St. Göran’s hospital. Photo: TT

Published: 08 Nov 2014 18:02 GMT+01:00

“People who need care have to be able to dare to seek help and go to the clinic,” Chief Medical Officer Sten Jacobsen said.

Property manager Locum confirmed earlier this week that lice had been found at St.Göran’s psychiatric hospital in Stockholm. Ytterö in Farsta and Grindhuset in Rosenlund have now also discovered the pest.

“It is easy to imagine how people feel about this and that they find it very uncomfortable for both staff and patients,” said Christina Hallberg, Director of Communications at Locum.

According to Hallberg, the firm is now conducting a thorough search for alternative premises so that the clean up can begin. It remained unclear when this would be achieved. Some patients require monitored inpatient care and thus can’t be moved just anywhere.

According to Sten Jacobsen the staff at St. Göran’s are holding up well under the circumstances and neither staff nor patients have been bitten by the blood-sucking parasite.

Patients have been offered hospital clothing.

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