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Sweden deserves no less.

There is no such thing as a ”Palestinian people”, any more than there is a distinct people called ”The Scandinavians”, both names describe a region, not an ethnicity. But if the Swedes want to play games, lets shove it back to them, recognize Ladonia, Jamtland and Skania as distinct ethnic peoples and therefore, as independent states.

NOTE: As a matter of fact, I encourage any subgroup naming themselves as ”The Scandinavians” and forcing the region to recognize their right as the sole heirs to the region as a whole, plus the Lapplanders in the northern region that span the three states calling for a nation of their own.

It’s Time for Israel to Recognize the Royal Republic of Ladonia


Sweden decided to recognize the unelected government of a bankrupt PLO terror state located inside Israel’s borders. But if Sweden is going to start recognizing illegal micro-nations located inside Israel, it’s only reasonable for Israel to return the favor.

It’s time for Israel to recognize theRoyal Republic of Ladonia.

While most of us know Lars Vilks for his Mohammed cartoons, he is also the founder of Ladonia. Unlike Sweden, Ladonia stands for such values as freedom of expression.

He declared independence from Sweden in 1996, calling the square kilometer that surrounds the sculptures the Royal Republic of Ladonia, or just Ladonia. Because Sweden has not recognized Ladonia’s independence, nor has any other country for that matter, it is classified as a micronation.

Ladonia is a constitutional monarchy, currently ruled by Queen Carolyn I and President Christopher Matheoss. Dr. Lars Vilks, meanwhile, is the State Secretary.

While no one actually lives in Ladonia, it does have its own newspaper,holidays  and government. And a lot of nobles. Its history has as much legitimacy as that of the Arab Muslim settlers in Israel calling themselves Palestinians and it’s only four years younger than they are.

It also has elections, which is more than “Palestine” has.

It’s time for Israel to extend official recognition to this brave young country and its leadership.

And then there’s the Republic of Jamtland which has a history far older thanthat of the “Palestinian” Muslim settlers and dates back over a thousand years. It was an independent republic in the past.

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