Bill Maher Free Speech ISLAM IN THE USA



Leftists, censor thyself.

Isn’t interesting that you never hear the charge of ”racism” from anyone on the Left (or Right fro that matter) when comedians, devout atheists and a whole smorgasbord of other anti-Christian voices rip Christianity and its leaders on a regular basis? It’s because they know that the charge of ‘racism’ is a highly charged word, meant to instil fear in the person targeted, the word ”bigot” just doesn’t have the same shock and awe power.

NOTE: It’s no more racist to criticize Islam, and its adherents, than it is to do the same to Republicanism, its voters, and the flag waving grandma down the street. What’s also of interest to me, is to see how Bill Maher handles all the single line bromides tossed his way by his mindless comrades. ”Bill lied and people died”.

UC Berkeley students seek to block Bill Maher speech

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