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Being smeared as the spawn of satan takes its toll.

Who wouldn’t be exhausted having to deal with the lunatics of Swedish politics and their drone media on a daily basis?

Jimmie Åkesson on sick leave for exhaustion

Jimmie Åkesson on sick leave for exhaustion

Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the nationalist Sweden Democrats. Photo: TT

Published: 17 Oct 2014 13:05 GMT+02:00

The Sweden Democrat wrote in an open letter on Friday afternoon that he was exhausted and needed some time out of politics.

“Now the election is over and things have settled a bit, I’ve noticed that things don’t feel as right as they should after a success like this,” the letter said, reported the Expressen newspaper.

The party became the Sweden’s third biggest after the national election in September, winning 12.9 percent of the country’s votes.

Åkesson said a doctor had diagnosed him with chronic fatigue and that he wanted to be able to keep a check on his work-life balance.

“I also have a responsibility for myself and not least my family. Being a good dad demands a physical and emotional presence. This is important for me to keep going in the long term in this role,” he added.

Åkesson is on sick leave from parliament until November 30th, although it’s possible this could be extended, Expressen reports.

Parliamentary group leader Mattias Karlsson will serve as leader until Åkesson returns.

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