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Bound to happen.

Well one thing is for sure, she’s no longer a Jew according to Halachic law. They’ll use her as a propaganda tool then do away with her.

JPost: Many of the youngest female recruits are lured with promises of humanitarian work. It is only once in Syria that they discover their fate: forced marriage to a fighter, strict adherence to Islamic law, a life under surveillance and little hope of returning home, say parents, relatives and radicalization experts.

In other words they are sex slaves, forced into a life of servitude of the male who now owns her under the false title of ”marriage”.

Report: Jewish girl from France joins ISIS militants in Middle East

A young Jewish girl is among dozens of French teenagers who have fled France to join Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, according to a report in The Daily Mail. 

The report quoted a French security official who said the Islamic State had recruited a Jewish girl to its ranks. The official spoke anonymously because rules forbid him to discuss open investigations.

The report did not specify the age of the Jewish recruit.

Recruitment of women is an aspect of the conflict that is beginning to worry European governments previously more focused on the flow of young men to join the ranks of Islamic State and others.

More here.

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