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Anti-Semitic Abuse Forces UK Jewish Youth Soccer Team to Abandon Match

OCTOBER 8, 2014 2:01 PM 23 COMMENTS

Author: Ben Cohen

The Jewish News reported that Anthony Dennison, manager of the Maccabi Under-16 team in the northern English city of Manchester, was forced to take his players off the pitch after he alleged they received anti-Semitic abuse.

Dennison said that one of his players was verbally abused throughout the Tameside League match against Curzon Ashton with such comments as “Jewish p***k”, forcing the game to be abandoned.

He added that an opposing player said: “They’ve got no foreskins”, while a parent shouted that Maccabi “didn’t care about what happens to the Palestinians”.

“It is totally unacceptable and wrong,” said Mr Dennison, who described it as a hate crime. “It is one of the most vile incidents of antisemitism I have seen in children’s football.”

He also said he was incandescent with rage that Curzon manager Bryan Hart did not apologize.

Dennison, who is also acting chairman of Manchester Maccabi, explained: “The way in which he handled the situation was diabolical. He had no interest.

“We will not play them again unless we receive an unreserved apology. There is not a single prospect of me allowing children, to whom I owe a duty of care, to be exposed to a team who treats racism in such a cavalier manner.”

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