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The terrorist should have brought out a copy of the koran, a truck full of hadiths (the words of Mohamed) and the sunna (the examples of Mohamed), and said:

”I’m was just following the deeds and commands of same person that you yourself are following, if you have a problem with terrorism, you’ve got a problem with Islam”.

What’s in question here, is the basic humanity of man, outside of Islam, that knows what the man did was wrong, and using, golden rule thinking –something that is very alien to Islam– asking why he would ever do such a thing.

I actually feel sorry for the man, for his family and for his relatives, they have to live in a society that is ruled by the very mindset of the man accused of terrorism, then asking themselves ”why the violence”, when the manifestation of Islam hits them between the eyes.

“You are a coward. You have ruined our lives. You burned the belongings we owned – you bastard”

A victim of Tahseen's car bomb speak to the host of "in the grip of justice".  Photo: France 24th
A victim of Tahseen’s car bomb speak to the host of “in the grip of justice”. Photo: France 24th

In a weekly television program meetings between terrorists and their victims and describing atrocities.

“Why did you do that? Are not we all Muslims? Was not that the same God who created us and why you detonated the bomb? What have we done wrong? Surely we all have families and homes?

A well-padded man brings questions to hail down on a faint man dressed in yellow. It’s night and around the face military men in uniform. The whole thing gets caught on camera.

Although the scene is set, the characters are real. Just as real as the car bomb man in yellow says he has unleashed on the spot.

The story is part of a popular Iraqi television program, which loosely translated from Arabic to English, states “In the Grip of Justice”. It will be every Friday night followed by about nine millions of Iraqis.

More here. H/T: Henrik R.Clausen

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