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    Hello there…….it me again…….Don Laird……..

    Imagine a world without the Muslim and its Islam…………(its easy if you try……)

    I have a question; is it “racist” to remove from our midst the babbling bearded, hijabed, niqabed violent fanatical lunatics who worship a delusional, mass murdering, child molesting, terror peddling 7th century war monger and psychopath named Muhammad?

    I have another question; is it “racist” to remove from our midst, permanently, now and forever, the Muslim and its Islam; these violent lunatics who hate everything we stand for and love, the same Muslim lunatics who seek to subjugate us with their crushing bootheel on our necks, destroying everything we have created and love, everything we value, everything that defines us. And if we object to their madness they seek to kill us, is it “racist” to remove them from our midst?

    While you give those two self evident questions and their equally self evident answers some thought; watch this.

    Here, this is a world without the fanatical Islam or its murderous vulgar Muslim, and all shot in stunning 4K !!!!!!

    Not one woman was butchered. Not one little girls clitoris was hacked off. Not one person lynched. Not one head cut off. Not one bearded babbling lunatic wrapping a child in explosives. Not one public gathering place turned into a symphony of agony and death borne on rivers of blood and tears. Not one woman wrapped in a garbage bag shuffling behind her owner. Not one woman spending her last moments having rocks bounced off her skull. Not one young woman had her ears and nose sliced off because she offended her owners. Not one woman had her throat cut because she offended her owners “honour”. Not one mother and her 3 daughters were butchered and drowned in an SUV because she wanted her and her daughters to be civilized, free and enjoying every minute of life. Not one mass-grave was dug and filled with the still warm corpses of unbelievers. Not one homosexual was hung by his neck from a crane, choking to death, his legs twisting and kicking in the wind while the crowds laughed, taunted and jeered. Not one teenage girl strangled to death with a hijab by her “offended” Muslim father with his bruised ego. Not one young girl had acid thrown in her face for the outrageous crime of wanting an education. Not one young girl was told she is “untouchable human filth” because of her menstruation, like the girls at Valley Park Middle School in Toronto, Ontario were. Not one 5 year old toddler was raped and sodomized by her grunting, drooling Muslim husband because the age of consent for little girls is 5 years old in Islam.

    Not one soul was tortured, not one, imagine that, just imagine that!!!!

    For all our failings, for all our faults, the civilized Western democratic societies based on a foundation of Western Anglo-Saxon Protestant/Judeo Christianity are the greatest success story in the history of Mankind.

    We are without equal in over 5000 years.

    We embrace, emancipate, encourage, educate and engage our children including our little girls. We sanctify and revere academic pursuit and enlightenment, athletic endeavor, charity, democracy, civilized discourse and debate, medical research and innovation, excellence striven in scientific research and development, the rule of law, human rights, entrepreneurship, artistic expression and the arts, the exploration of our souls, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and the protection of the weakest amongst us.

    We thirst for triumph and thrill at the prospect of the search, of the quest.

    From the tip of Everest, across the uncharted seas, to the depths of the deepest oceanic abyss to whispers providential that beckon us into the expanding Universe. And now, now we accept that challenge, we accept that invitation and we stand on tip-toes reaching our fingertips into the blackness of space in an effort to touch the face of our creator, to find and chart the depths of our souls and to answer the questions that have vexed us since the darkness that lay upon the water; who are we?, where do we come from?, where are we going?, or simply; why?

    My friends, this is who we are, we are; The jewel in the crown of Humanity and the greatest success story in the history of Mankind.

    Unfortunately there are those who seek to roll back the hands of time, to draw a blanket of darkness, savagery and murderous, genocidal barbarism over all we have illuminated over all we have built, over all that defines us, over all we hold dear and as such, there is no place, no place in our civilized world for the Muslim and its Islam, no place, there never was, there is not now, there never will be, the time has come to send them home.

    Food for thought, a catalyst for action.


    (Please watch in HD 4K if possible….with volume at “eviction notice” levels !!!!)

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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