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Doris gave me the heads up on this debate, and it’s finally online.

Concerning the issue of Muslims ”modernizing/reforming” Islam, I have long stated that it’s an impossibility, not only due to the fact that koran itself forbids any such ‘reformation’, Mohamed’s words are immutable, but more importantly, due to the fact that Muslims have the benefit of hindsight, seeing exactly where the Christian reformation of Catholicism, leading to the enlightenment, led the West.


Muslims who base their every day lives upon the koran, reject the West’s precept of freedom of choice, individualism, in one own’s private life (let alone the spilling of it into the public square), as well as a host of other expressions of liberties, such as freedom of choice, which are an anathema to traditional Islamic thinking.


That alone ensures future rejection of any ”reformation”, or better put, modernization of Islamic texts and thinking, which, regardless of independent thought, are thoroughly in the iron lock of orthodox Islamic jurisprudence. No independent voice or movement (their minuscule numbers residing almost exclusively in the West) will be able to wrest control, let alone compete on the world stage. Death for apostasy has always proven to be a very effective tool to keep anomalies from subverting the ”true faith”.


H/T: Doris Wise Montrose

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Are you tired of sound-bite discussions on the subject of “radical Islam”? Would you like to hear a deeper discussion?

THIS VIDEO is a high-quality, Lincoln-Douglas-style debate between two articulate speakers who have deep knowledge of the subject. The title is “Understanding Islam: Threat or Faith”.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is a devout Muslim well-known nationally from his many appearances on television, especially Fox News. Dr. Carl Goldberg is an historian who has devoted a major portion of his life to studying the Quran, the Haddith, and writings of Islamic scholars and Imams, both old and new.

This debate is moderated by Shane Krauser of

0:02:45 Opening statements
0:07:50 Can Islam and Political Islam be separated?
0:17:45 What is the cause of the radicalization of Islam?
0:27:30 Can Muslims be loyal Americans and US soldiers?
0:38:09 Can Sharia be consistent with American law?
0:48:30 Was Muhammed an honorable man? Does it matter?
0:59:10 Is reform of Islam possible? What would it look like?
1:09:25 Can Islam be consistent with our 1st Amendment?
1:20:50 What are short- and long-term strategies to protect America from radical Islamism
1:32:50 What should our foreign policy toward OIC nations?
1:44:20 Closing arguments

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  1. Do we know why this outstanding video has been removed from Youtube? Was it due to typical Islamic censorship/politics?

    1. I don’t know, but I updated the post with one that works, thanks for the heads up Odysseus!

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