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Räsänen looks to close asylum-seeker loophole

Interior Minister claims a ten-fold increase in individuals managing to avoid deportation because their home countries will only accept voluntary returnees, and suggests paying some failed asylum seekers to leave Finland.

Päivi Räsänen
Image: Yle

Parliament is currently considering a change to the law in order to try and close a loophole permitting some failed asylum seekers to avoid deportation.

Under current rules, some individuals whose asylum claims have been rejected, including convicted criminals, can stay in Finland if their home country has a policy of only accepting so-called voluntary returnees.

The Interior Ministry says 700 rejected asylum seekers may be eligible for Finnish residence permits because their home countries do not accept forced deportations.

”The number of people in this position in Finland has gone up ten-fold in a year,” the Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen said. “There is also a danger of this trend attracting more people to come here, knowing that they can’t be deported,” Räsänen added.

There has been support among MPs for a proposal to pay failed asylum seekers to return voluntarily to their country, in a move which ministers insist would cost less than allowing the individual to remain in Finland.

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One Response

  1. What is the motivation underlying the government’s idea that a financial inducement might persuade criminals (and other persons who make no contribution to the general community) to voluntarily return to their country of origin?

    Why would any government (by such a policy) deliberately cede power to those who have no power?

    Why do so many western governments just roll over in the fetal position moaning that it’s all too hard?

    Why, by default, let other governments control your government’s authority to boot out those immigrants who offer nothing of benefit to Finnish society?

    Why not just inform the country of origin that a former citizen is being returned and let them deal with any problems that subsequently arise?

    The Finns need to get a steel spine and take back control of Finland.


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