Groan inducing.

They’ve already ruled out military assistance, let alone commital of battle troops, no, they’re just mulling over some kind of ”humanitarian role”, and not even decided upon that. Leading from the rear of Lappland.

Defence Forces chief: No decision yet on Islamic State ops

The head of the Finnish Defence Forces Jarmo Lindberg says Finland will not commit battle troops or military materiel to operations designed to turn back the advance of extremist Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Lindberg told Yle that government leaders will ultimately decide about other forms of assistance.

Jarmo Lindberg.
Defence Forces Commander Jarmo Lindberg said while ogvernment ministers discussed supporting the anti-Islamic State campaign, no formal decision was made. Image: Yle

According to Defence Forces Commander Jarmo Lindberg Finland hasn’t yet made a decision to participate in a campaign against the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS. The defence chief added that no troops or military supplies would be committed to the operation.

“No decision has been made. If we provide any kind of support, then that will be outlined by the political leadership,” Lindberg said on Yle’s Aamu-tv breakfast magazine programme.

Last Friday President Sauli Niinistö outlined a joint position with government’s foreign and security policy ministerial committee, indicating that Finland would take part in an international operation to rout Islamic State militants.

Lindberg said while the matter had been discussed by committee members, no decision had been made.

“Time will tell what Finland’s position is,” Lindberg remarked.

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