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Three Dutch Jihadis Killed in Syria

According to the Dutch press agency AMP, three Dutch jihadis have been killed by recent American attacks on the Islamic State in the Syrian town of Aleppo.  The spokesman of The Dutch Coordinator of The Fight Against Terror (NCTV) commented that it is obvious that if one goes on jihad, one comes into a war zone, where there are heavy fights.

FM: BNFTN via Volkskrant.nl

Three Dutch jihadists slain in Syria

Edited by: editor – 09/23/14, 13:29 – Source: Reuters
© AFP. Warriors IS in Raqqa.

There are three Dutch jihad goers killed in recent American air raids on Islamic State in the Syrian Aleppo. That report reliable sources Tuesday at the ANP. Also on Twitter reported that Dutch would have fallen. Among the fatalities.

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