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Something really is rotten in Denmark

The Danish weasel is in lock step with this Finnish weasel (Erkki Tuomioja). So did he make the threat with a flattened nose and with garlic on his breath?

Erkki Tuomioja1

He obviously hasn’t any problems with rubbing hands with leaders of the shiite wing of the pajamas and slipper club.

Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard iran

Danish foreign minister threatens sanctions against Israel

If the indirect talks between Israel and Hamas set to start Tuesday in Cairo do not yield significant Israel concessions, the EU should consider trade sanctions against Israel, Denmark’s foreign minister said on Monday.

According to the website of the Danish English news site, The Local, Martin Lidegaard told the Danish Jyllands- Posten newspaper that if Israel does not commit to end its “blockade” of Gaza and stop “illegal settlements,” then tougher steps should be adopted.

“If nothing happens in the peace talks this time, and if we don’t see a new pattern of response from Israel’s side, then we will need to discuss the possibility of taking new steps, including changes to our trade relations with Israel,” he said.

“I hope that it doesn’t come to that, but I think that the EU’s policies are moving in that direction,” he said.

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  1. When any of these countries (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc…) cause trouble for Israel, the Israelis should under no circumstances share intelligence with them. If the Israelis know of plots, they should keep that information to themselves.

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