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Communist socialism tried to create ”the new man” based upon pseudo sociology, as did Fascist socialism based upon pseudo biology, so to the social(ist) democracies within the EU, based upon failed multiculturalism ideals. Vlad takes note of all this, as well as embarks upon an interesting side tour, in establishing a common ideological link between Marxist socialism of the modern age and Islam itself, founded 1400 earlier. The analogy is stunning.


How close are Nazism, communism and Islam? Why does the far left support fascist Islam?

If any readers of this site has not yet seen the excellent and important movie, ‘The Soviet Story’, they would do well to do so. The movie makes the point that the differences between communism, international socialism, and Nazism, National Socialism, are quite subtle. One might even say somewhat like the difference between Shiia and Sunni Islam.

For example, the movie makes the case that Nazism was based on bad biology. Specifically that in the effort to create the new man, the perfected man, one had to take those who were already the perfected people and purify the territory. Namely Aryans of course. And once the homeland of the Aryans was pure they could start forcing those who could be perfected, the British and whatnot, and then exterminate all who could not be made into the perfect man.

This was the Nazi ideology. It could be seen in everything they did but one of the more telling, and yet goofy, analogies was their pseudo-science of ‘phrenology‘.

Like most people or groups that use top down thought, or perhaps better expressed as conclusion driven thinking, the Nazis employed any method or data points that could demonstrate their position while not only ignoring but actually making illegal and exterminating those who did real science that might show a conclusion in opposition to established Nazi dogma.

Communism or International Socialism uses a slight variant on that.

for example Communism also would eliminate or force into reeducation camps any science that did not support their conclusion based reasoning. For example, most people do not know that communism did not allow Darwinism to be taught or studied and all biology had to be based on their own communist evolutionary ideas, who’s survival of the fittest seemed far to capitalist in nature for International Socialism, a fellow named Lysenko and his crypto-science called Lysenkoism’.

The communist idea was based on bad sociology. that there is three social classes. The perfect, ‘new man’ or the communist. Those who could be perfected into communists, which would be the capitalists, and those who could never be perfected because they had not even reached the stage of capitalism yet, and therefore had to be exterminated.

On this the Nazis and Communists were in full agreement. At least in terms of the Slavic peoples.

Then we have the Muslims.

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  1. This is a statement of common sense based on empirical fact!
    The current problem is the interference by PC perverts who for some strange reason are accepted in western society much as insidious Imams are within Islamic society!
    Surely it’s time for common sense to trump dogshit dogma!

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