What that effort will be remains to be seen.

Finland to join effort to defuse Islamic State threat

Finland is to participate in international efforts to thwart the efforts of extreme Islamic State militants to take control of swathes of Iraq and Syria to form a caliphate or religious Islamic state. The government’s Foreign and Security Policy ministerial committee outlined a joint position on the matter with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö Friday.

Aseistettu mies kävelee kadulla Erbilissä.
Iraqi Kurds have been confronting Islamic State militants. A coalition led by western governments is looking to provide support for their efforts. Image: Tom Kankkonen / Yle

A plan outlined by the ministerial committee and President Niinistö will see Finland take part in an international effort to defuse the threat posed by the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS.

However Finland’s role will not involve providing military support or engaging in any form of combat.

Following a meeting Friday cabinet’s foreign and security policy ministerial committee along with President Niinistö declared that Finland supports a broad-based international coalition, a wide range of measures and a long-term strategy in the fight against the Islamic State.

On Thursday US President Barack Obama got a green light from Congress to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels to fight against ISIS.

Earlier on Monday, an international conference hosted by the French saw 26 countries pledge their support for the new Iraqi government in its efforts to repel the Islamic State militants.

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  1. This is bound to be the big break the Western powers were waiting for.

    The Finns can just look those IS guys in the face and say – “Don’t roll those heads. We are good Finns, we are on your side. Everything will be alright.”

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