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We all knew it was true long before this.

The person being interviewed, is the brother of the same individual who participated on Finnish state tv YLE ”Islam Night”, imam Hossein Bahmanpour, a Shiite. His brother let it be known then that the punishment for being a homosexual is death.

abbas bahmanpour 30.10.2013

The article below is an interview by the Left-wing rag, the Helsingin Sanomat, which lends its hand in trying to dissociate the average Muslim (and Islam) from the violence being carried out by its followers. The article was produced in concert with the Finnish police arbitrated meeting yesterday between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

An interesting admittance though, in the interview, Abbas Bahmanpour acknowledges the existence of classic Islamic violent literature in many mosques. This comes as no surprise to the rest of us.

NOTE: This would also involve truthful, factual information on Islam as well. Inciting violence is one thing, and should b/ is in fact illegal, inciting others to hate (a natural human trait) however, is impossible to prove, hence the use of ”it offends me” by the state in its prosecution of supposed ”hate speech mongers”.

Abbas Bahmanpour: “On Youtube, on Facebook and on Twitter all kinds of hate speech is spread. There should be an absolute prohibition of hate speech distributed by commentators, so that they would not be able to incite violence on the Internet,” says Bahmanpour. In addition, the Finnish mosques, he says, there are a strikingly lot of radical material that can be read.

Shiiavähemmistöön kuuluva Hossein Bahmanpour sanoo kotonaan Helsingissä, että poliisin ja viranomaisten on asetettava rajat radikaali-islamistiselle vihapuheelle, jota julkaistaan internetissä.

“Hate speech propagated by radicals, robbing the ordinary Muslim of his/her identity”

Ordinary Muslims living in Finland are distressed by violent Islamist radicalism, which many consider as a threat to their hard-built way of life.

“Most of us are hard-working, working people who pay taxes and reduce their mortgages,” says 30-year-old Hossein Bahmanpour at his home in Helsinki.

“My kind of people are infuriated when someone enters with the type of scream that we are all supposed to go to war somewhere.”

Bahmanpour is a Shia Muslim minority. His father is an Iraqi. Those leaving for Syria from Finland have mostly been Sunnis, who wanted to fight the Syrian Shia government.

The brutality of the Isis organization working in Syria and Iraq and suspected of attempts at recruitment in Europe have given rise to the fear of terror on the continent once again. In Finland as well, there are concerns about recruitment and the possibility that the interval between shiia- and Sunni Muslims could lead to infection. There was held in Helsinki on Monday, a seminar  under police leadership.

according to Bahmanpour, Isis’ recruitment is difficult to say anything about, because it takes place hidden from view.

“Rather, it is a case of ideological incitement, which takes place in homes hidden from view. There is not money moving here.”

According to the authorities in Finland about 40 people have gone to Syria to fight. Bahmanpour believes that the vast majority are lonely outcasts.

More here in Finnish. h/t Simon Elo

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