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Landslide in new voters.

SD palm 13


Parsing the Swedish election results in Iltalehti, leader of the immigration-shy Finns Party Timo Soini concluded that what he saw as the persecution of the Sweden Democratic Party leader Jimmie Åkesson, had turned to the party’s advantage on voting day.
“Something’s wrong if the legally elected leader of a political party needs to be protected from violence at an election event,” Soini noted, referring to a fracas at a campaign event in Stockholm Saturday where Åkesson met with heated protests.
He saw the rise of the anti-immigration party at the polls – and the collapse of the moderates led by outgoing PM and party chief Fredrik Reinfeldt – as a warning for politicians in Finland.
“The National Coalition Party collapsed because of its own arrogance. Feminist gender hatred just doesn’t work on election day – it’s an extraordinary thing and also a message for that feminist “dude” Rinne,” Soini said, taking a jab at SDP head Antti Rinne.

Ruotsidemokraattien vaalivalvojaiset Tukholmassa sunnuntaina.

The morons don’t get it, everyone likes an underdog, and the Sweden Democrats, maligned, mischaracterized, demonized and dragged through the mud on every level in (supposedly tolerant) Swedish society, are going from win to win. I can only hope it continues until the they reach the 30%-35% range.

NOTE: I have always said in my dealings with the various wings of the various think tanks in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, how is it that you place a corden sanitaire upon the Vlaams Belang, the Sweden Democrats, all the while you emphatically state that Israel must sit down with Hamas, and treat them as an equal political entity?

I still have my issues with the SD (concerning statism), but they are straight forward in what they believe and do not use the sophistry of the Left. Treating them worse than how they treat members of Hamas and the Hezbollah, is way beyond the pale, and says more about their (the ruling elites) ideology than I ever could.

Sweden Democrats’ victory launched an anti-racism campaign, “show that you belong to the 87 per cent”

Swedes are invited to send 87% social network messages to indicate that they are in favor of a tolerant society.

Those disillusioned with the Sweden Democrats’ good  electoral success have launched a social network campaign, in which as many Swedes as possible are advised to make twitter and Facebook updates to show opposition to the hostility towards immigration.

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats received 12.9 percent of the votes, but the campaign emphasizes that 87 percent of voters did not vote for Sweden Democrats.

The Swedish Newspaper Expressen calls for Swedes to show their position by entering # 87% tweets or post on your Facebook update.

Aftonbladet-Journal, in turn, calls for people to write 87  on the palm and take a picture of it, and send it to the Aftonbladet which will share it on the social network to show those who oppose racism, homophobia and other forms of intolerance.

Also, the leader of Sweden’s largest political party, the Social Democrats, Stefan Löfven, stressed in his speech that, despite everything, 87 percent of Swedes did not vote for Sweden Democrats. He noted that 13 per cent does not give an automatic right to be the pivotal block. He plans to work with other parties in order to reduce the influence of Sweden Democrats.


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  1. Am I missing something here, or did the SDs just double their vote percentage from 2010? Can you imagine if any Swedish Party had done that, what the media would be reporting?

    And the media seem to be wanting to have it both ways: Saying, “oh, oh, oh, olie… the sky is falling… Swedish Democrats are a threat,” and then turn around with a straight face and saying they only got 13%. Which is it BBC, Euro-media?

    1. Great point, another one is that 96.5% of Swedes voted against radical feminism.

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