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I guess paying for your ticket is just way too much to ask.

A TT translation:

Youth gang clashed with the ticket inspectors on the Metro- “there was a terrible cry

A confrontation took place on the metro yesterday between a gang of youths and conductors, confirms the HSL’s Audit audit manager Timo Kärkkäinen. The incident has also spread to the video social network.

According to him, the situation stems from the fact, that after seven young people began to be disruptive and behave badly on the subway at the area of Kulosaari in Helsinki. According to Kärkkäinen, the young people began to exchange tickets with each other because of it, because everyone does not have the necessary ticket. The incident occurred at about after 19:00 (TT: 7pm)​​.

-The Inspectors clamped down on the exchange of tickets. There have been attempts made on the Metro to attack conductors. As a result, the inspector had to take hold of the customer in the mildest form he could. After that, other young people tried to jump the inspectors. There was a terrible cry and the rumble started. The situation became hostile when security and the police arrived on the scene, says Kärkkäinen to the Ilta-Sanomat.

According to him, the ticket inspectors operate in a situation “within the law”. The were a total of ticket inspectors. The social network is, however, wondering about the ticket inspectors use of force.

According to Kärkkäinen, during the commotion one of the ticket inspectors was struck, but did sustain a big injury. Kärkkäinen deems the situation as unfortunate.

– These altercations are always serious situations, and are intended to avoid at all costs. These are difficult situations, especially when stupidity escalates in the group, Kärkkäinen surmises.

Senior Crimes Officer Petri Jehkonen tells the Helsinki Police Department, that the police removed the youth east Central metro station.

– Nobody has made complaints, since the matter is so clear Jehkonen says.
Niko Ranta

Ilta Sanomat H/T: Carmen Kekola

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