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The person moderating the freak show, was none other than ‘Autumn’ Räsänen (a dead ringer for one of Dr.Seuss’ truffula trees).

Mr. Truffula


Last night I attended a ”Peace Forum” at the University of Helsinki, funded by the Finnish taxpayer through the highly corrupted Finnish Ministry of Culture, in conjunction with ICAHD, a radical Leftist NGO that promotes the end to the Jewish state.

The entire event was done with the full intention of smearing Israel from beginning to end, otherwise why invite two well known and very marginalized speakers known for their fringe of fringe views?


The first speaker was supposed ‘moderate’ ME analyst (yes, he passes himself off as an expert), Hannu Juusola, who in comparison to the other two speakers, was in fact more moderate, but not in a normal standard. This shows how of balanced the night was. He gave his version of events of the past decade or so, missed chances and a dismal future, but of course, Israel supposedly holds all of the trump cards.

Then came Amira Hass:

amira hass

A hack journalist for the Haha-haaretz (post-Zionist rag with no Israeli subscribers), she launched into attacking Israel for vindictively assaulting the Arabs over the past 70 years, ”every single Palestinian (Arab) in the world has been victimized by Israel’s policies”. Israel was supposedly responsible for state terror, cruel policies of marginalization, departmentalization, and apartheid policies that were far more worse than was practised in S.Africa.

That would come as a surprise to this MP in the S.African parliament, Kenneth Meshoe :

Then came Jamal Zahalka:

jamal zahalka

He only had one sound level, belching loud. I was relieved that I took to the third row of seats, for spittle was clearly reaching the first two. He picked up where Hass left off. ”Apartheid under S.Africa was more preferable to what the Arabs were/are suffering under Israeli hegemony”. He also championed the notion that Israeli leaders, and those working directly under them, should be held by the international community for war crimes.

While both were polished speakers, knowing how to work the clapping seal crowd, Zahalka was the more dangerous of the two. Using a twisted sense of logic, he very cunningly cast Israeli democracy into doubt, without someone debating him, his evil descriptions and insinuations and full reversal of reality, hit home with many in the room.

In the Q&A section of the venue, I got a chance to take them on, as well as a couple more people who came to challenge the speakers’ views. Things got somewhat restless after a few (and justifiably) raised their voices in protest to the absurdities being hurled from the podium, and were escorted out. The one who got the last word was ”Mr.Truffula”:

Mr. Truffula

In response to my question/statement and another person’s along the same line, he stated that ”The Israeli point of view is the majority one heard in the media, this forum corrects that imbalance”. That’s the absurd logic used, as an excuse, not to have mainstream Israeli voices speak at these forums. We can all see through the lame statement, but how about the Finnish government, what’s their excuse?

Here is a video from the forum at the Helsinki University.

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  1. The blockade of Gaza started in 2007 as Hamas was taking a power. The blockade was created because of the violent nature of Hamas, to prevent weapons to be shipped to Gaza for Hamas. Not just that it has not been effective, but Hamas has been continuing their jihadist threat, killing their own people, and also attacking civilians in Israel by thousands of rocket attacks, and creating a war against Israel. Not just that Hamas is recognized as terrorist organization by international community, they also don’t have any support of other Arab nations, not even Fatah from Palestinian side. So what is the meaning of this forum, to justify the actions of Hamas by accusing Israel of it? Everybody knows that by taking Hamas down, the blockade would end and people of Gaza would be free to start their life there. So instead, demonstrate against Hamas to end up this needless conflict.

  2. The Arabs involved in the ME Conflict are whining little kids,they have seen that playing the pity card and the underdog pays off with the so called left wing enthusiasts in Europe.The leftys don’t use common sense put trust on feelings,and that is exactly what the Arabs Moslims know to use.The leftys should start wearing dresse and move to Gaza where the Hamas whimpy soldiers can shelter behind their skirts.

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