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What’s this scumbag doing out of jail after murdering his daughter?

THE HAGUE – The police Thursday together with German colleagues, arrested in Germany a 32-year-old and 24-year-old Hagenaar Hague  for the recruitment to the armed struggle in Syria and Iraq and preparing for a terrorist attack. A third 24-year-old suspect was arrested Wednesday at his home in The Hague.

Three Dutch Jihadi Recruiters Arrested: One is Convert

The Dutch police have arrested three people – two men and a woman – suspected of recruiting jihadis for the Middle East.  With the help of the German police, two of them were arrested in southern Germany.  All three are suspected of inciting terrorist crimes.  The two men are also suspected of planning murders with a terrorist aim.  These crimes can carry sentences of up to ten years in jail.

The person arrested in the Netherlands is the convert to Islam, Rudolph Holierhoek.  He receives social security from the Dutch authorities.  Holierhoek has been jailed in the past for the manslaughter of his young daughter and has been a member of the Islamic University in the Netherlands.  The other arrested man, Abu Moussa, has stated on public television that he supports the Islamic State Movement (ISIS).


These are the three arrested jihadi recruiters

Abou Moussa said in a broadcast Nieuwsuur to support the Islamic State

Abou Moussa said in a broadcast Nieuwsuur to support the Islamic State – Photo: NOS

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