A pro-Israel party.

If they are against the Islamonazis, then they are better than the rest. I do hope that pressure is still being applied to change Austria’s demonstrably self defeating lenient/cozy relationship with Iran.

Right-wing FPÖ tops Austrian election poll

Right-wing FPÖ tops Austrian election poll

Heinz-Christian Strache’s FPÖ party had the most support. Photo: APA/Schlager

Published: 27 Aug 2014 11:42 GMT+02:00

The largest number of votes for chancellor, however, went to the leader of the opposition centre-left Greens, Eva Glawischnig.

The FPÖ had 28 percent of the votes, which was a third more than in the general elections in September last year.

The Social Democrats (SPÖ) came in second with 23 percent, 3.8 percent less than in the last elections. The SPÖ’s coalition partner, the conservative People’s Party (ÖVP) had 19 percent (23.9 percent in the last elections). The Greens had 14 percent, which was 1.5 percent more than in September.

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This is the party that in 2011, along with the Vlaams Belang and Die Freiheit signed the Jerusalem Declaration.

From left to right: HC Strache, Filip Dewinter and René Stadtkewitz.

The Jerusalem Declaration contains among other things the following passage:

[…] After the totalitarian systems of the 20th century were overcome, mankind presently appears to be facing a new worldwide totalitarian threat: fundamentalist Islam. We see ourselves as a part of the worldwide battle by the defenders of democracy and human rights against all totalitarian systems and their enablers. Therefore we stand on the forefront of the battle for the community of Western-democratic values.

By virtue of this, we reject that cultural relativism that, under the pretext of respecting foreign cultures and traditions, tolerates the fact that people, especially non-Islamic minorities, are limited in their right to freedom, equality and codetermination in sectors of the Muslim cultural circle. […]

Israel, being the only real democracy in the Near East, is more important to us as a contact in this tough region of the world. A region that in past decades has had to deal constantly with extremism and terror. We profess Israel’s right to existence without reservation within secure and internationally recognized boundaries. Likewise, the right of Israel to self-defense against all acts of aggression, especially against Islamic terror, must also be accepted. We believe that this must be possible while concurrently respecting human rights as well as the political rights of the Arab population.* […]

* FREEDOM PARTY addendum: THE FREEDOM PARTY harbors reservations against this statement and replaces it with the following statement: The recognition of human rights — even those of the Arab population — must be self-evident.

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