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Targeted hits signal ‘Israel won’t tolerate a war of attrition’

08/22/2014 02:10

Netanyahu tells US Rep. Issa that Hamas wanted to take over West Bank, Qatar ‘aiding and abetting’ terrorists.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds a news conference at his office in Jerusalem, August 6. Photo: REUTERS

Israel’s targeted killings of three senior Hamas military leaders and the possible elimination of Muhammad Deif over the past two days signals Hamas that Jerusalem will not tolerate a low-intensity war of attrition, officials said on Thursday.

“When we said we won’t agree to a war of attrition, and that if they lob a few mortar shells we will not just lob a few back, we meant it,” one government official said. “This might be a difficult learning process, but at a certain point Hamas will understand one way or another that we will not tolerate rocket fire.”

The targeted assassinations also sent a clear message to Hamas leaders that if they were involved in any way in attacking Israelis – “from the guy low down on the food chain taking a rocket out of a tunnel, to the guy at the top of the food chain giving the command” – they were all legitimate targets, the official said.

Asked whether Hamas political leader in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh was a legitimate target, the official would say only that Israel does not draw any distinction between different parts of Hamas.

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