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A German IS-jihadist has now called for attacks in this country.

The number of Islamists who have left the country of Germany to the war-torn country of Syria has risen again. “We now know from over 400 departures,” the president of the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen said. Many of the previously traveled Islamists are constitutionally protection in Germany.

“Among the returning jihadis are also about 25 people, with combat experience in Syria have collected, “Maassen said. However, he curtailed: “We currently have no evidence that these individuals follow a specific terrorist mission in Germany.”

The constitutional protection include departures to Syria since the outbreak of fighting 2011th The majority of the travel movements, however, they observed since 2013, the numbers of departures rising continuously since then: in mid-2013 was one of the constitutional protection still good 60 On the rice from Germany, the end of 2013 there were already four times so much and in the spring of this year, finally around the 320th.

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  1. And exactly how has all the DIVERSITY plans worked out for Europe so far? Congratulations for the loss of life, property, safety, and political stability. France, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK, Finnland, all must be nearly paradise on earth by now! What? No? Imagine that. Remember the fox and scorpion story? Looks like your scorpions are only following their nature after all. Pity that. But then, we in the USA are facing the same fate. The only country smart enough, so far, to avoid this scourge has been Japan as far as I know. Maybe I should move there…

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